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Updated: Apr 2

Popcorn and lemonade

5:52 just barely made

Safely seated, fare’s been paid

I’m on my way home from the city

Rush hour, tunnel speed

One hungry mouth to feed

This is what I do to succeed

Now that I took a good job in the city

Zipping across the meadowlands

Being here, soul understands

Dreaming, scheming, laying plans

On my way home from the city

Self, shelf, sky above

Moon, June, mourning dove

Divorced, middle-aged, still seeking love

Between work days in the city

I wanted to write a meaningful song

About what it’s like to be moving along

After getting through a love gone wrong

But I can’t seem to get it right

I wanted to find a creative way

Of expressing what I need to say

It was brewing in my mind all day

But it ain’t happening tonight.

Buses, trains, automobiles

Rolling home on their rails and wheels

You have no idea how good this feels

My way home from the city

Under the highways, down the tracks

Urban twisters, thundercracks

Let your backbone slip, do the jump back jack

I’m on my way home from the city

I wanted to come up with some killer lines

And twist ‘em around to make ‘em rhyme

Wrapped around a meaning so sublime

So I coaxed myself to write

But the well of deep meaning is dry

No matter what kinds of tricks I try

I can’t explain, I wish I knew why

But it ain’t happening tonight.

Looking for love in the lost and found

Searching for something at the speed of sound

Breaking the barriers, boomtown bound

Such is my new life in the city

I try to awaken my sleeping muse

And my dozing feet in their walking shoes

I’m shaking off my bad job blues

With this good job in the city

There’s one more song that needs to be sung

‘Bout how my strings attached have been unstrung

‘Bout how I’m getting old but I still feel young

And how finally things are finally going right

But the train keeps on rolling home

Clacking like a schizoid metronome

And so I end this song before it becomes a tome

‘Cause it ain’t happening tonight.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

View of the Pulaski Skyway over the Meadowlands from a speeding NJ transit train
On my way home from the city

This one goes back to my first days commuting to and from the city once I started working in Manhattan as an editor for a pharmaceutical advertising agency. I was still living at the Jersey Shore and the train trip in each direction could take up to 2 hours. At the end of a long day at work, getting on the train and taking my seat often brought a sense of relief. However, the commuting lifestyle took a big bite out of my creative endeavors. I would try to write on the train, but at the end of a long day, I didn't always have the energy. While the pandemic of 2020-2022 was not a welcome development in and of itself, one blessing in disguise was that I no longer had to commute. However, even without the commute, at the end of a long day at work, it is rare that I have the presence of mind to pay attention to my music or writing. I wish I could change that. Time is short and getting shorter with each passing day.

Never recorded or performed ... it remains one of my lyrics-only songs.

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