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Daily Lyric: IT'S MY TURN NOW

I’ve listened to so many records

Trying to learn the way to play it right

I’ve seen so many shows

Where the band defined the meaning of tight

I’ve read so many articles

Documenting the rises and falls of originals and covers

I watched from the sidelines

As the recognition that should have been mine went to others

I watched my city in anguish

I saw the buildings rot and the music change

I felt the guarded dreams languish

And the visions slip further and further out of range

I hung on through all the hell years

Banging my head on the wall to get gigs

I gave my advice to my eminent peers

And I watched them blow their chances to hit the bigs

But it’s my turn now

Others have said it but they had their day

It’s my turn now

It’s time to pay attention or get out of the way

It hasn’t happened in so long

Now the stage is set for me to sing my song

It’s my turn now

Yes, it’s my turn now.

I watched the kids get jaded

Way too long before they came of age

I observed as they traded

Their sense of wonder for angst and rage

I tried putting out a record but it didn’t sell

But I braced myself and I weathered the fall

I looked for my lost youth in old abandoned hotels

Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic—that’s all

But it’s my turn now ...

No more politics or playing numbers

They’re all just silly, stupid games

No more dealing with these self-styled big shots

Let’s call them all by their real names

No more trying to fit the format

I can’t be contained in less than three

No more trying to merge with the mainstream

Let the mainstream merge with me

Now the pundits get all asinine

Braying about how it’s all been done before

You know somebody’s gonna scream and whine

That this ain’t what the scene’s about anymore

But nothing’s original anymore

Everything’s true and tried, done and said

I know these critics and I know the score

If they say it’s dead, it’s only because they want it dead

But it’s my turn now ...

It’s my turn now

Regardless of the crazes and the whims of the “biz”

I will create and perform my masterpiece as is

It’s my turn now

Yes, it’s my turn now.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Hesh in Asbury Park.
Yes, it's my turn now.

Not to be confused with the tune of the same title by Boccigalupe and the Badboys, but the sentiment is the same. I waited a long time for this, and the time is well nigh upon us. Look out, Asbury Park and the world. It's The Hesh's turn.

I actually wrote the song in 2003, just as I was finishing up the tracking sessions for my album Soul In Exile 2: Jersey Shore Baby (though the song was not included in the album itself). I was hoping that SIE2:JSB would be the album that put me on the map. And in fact, it almost did ... when the album was finally released, four years and two cross-country moves later, it (and I) registered enough to pick up two nominations for an Asbury Music Award. But the awards show came and went, and the album faded back into the ether.

An aside, about Boccie. I have nothing personal against him, and writing a new tune with the same title as his should not be construed as having a beef. He's a great guy and a consummate bandleader, and he's earned his reputation. But I spent my time in the clubs, and there were times at the Stone Pony when I stood right behind him just off stage watching him as he played his Hammond, and I said to myself, I can do that.

So yeah. With the release of my Asbury-themed album, Soul In Exile 3: Love Runs Aground, in March 2017, I decided it was time for me to take my rightful place under the sun.

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