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My friends all left home to give the good life a try

They’ve all gone on to bigger and better things

When they called me up before they left to say goodbye

They said Come with us man we’ll live like kings!

I couldn’t tell them that I’d be here

For the next two or three years

And it’s not up to me

I’d have a long time to say

And a heavy amount of dues to pay

Till I’d be free

The boys are leaving town

Racing off to parts unknown

For the first time things are looking down

And I’m left here all alone

Now I’ve known you since the day I was born

And you were very special to me ever since then

The ties that bound us could never be torn

We swore we’d never lose touch, be forever friends

Well girl where you been to?

Don’t you know what I’ve gotten into?

Do you remember who I am?

If you knew I’m always thinking of you

If I said that I still love you

Would you give a damn?

You’re just a distant star

A thousand worlds away from me

I don’t know where you are

But I need you here with me

I’m gonna pound out all those who done me wrong

The way the drums are pounding out in this song

I’m gonna get back at them mark my word

‘Cause don’t you know baby there’s a justice in this world

I know I’ll be out of here someday

On a trip that goes only one way

There’ll be no looking back

And I know I’ll be standing on top

Up where the music won’t stop

Steal away—then attack

It’s gonna happen so fast

They won’t know what went on

But it’s me that’s gonna have the last laugh

And then I’ll be gone

Until then I’ll be here

Trying to survive on my own

Away from those I hold dear

Left here all alone

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"A Distant Star" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
You’re just a distant star, a thousand worlds away from me.

I was not quite 14 when I moved to Israel, and I started my military service there when I was 19. I never stopped being in touch with all my friends back in the USA the entire time I was there. When I was drafted, my American friends had already begun their college stints; a time for flexing their newly adult senses of independence and partying it up while I was, essentially, defending their right to do so, even from another country on the other side of the world. I was acutely feeling the separation and wishing that I could be there with them, while I had the job that was given to me where I was. The cognitive dissonance was jarring and the isolation was painful. I was also angry at the powers-that-were in the army, not only for drafting me, but for placing me in a unit not of my own choosing. These lyrics came to me late one night while on guard duty in the Jordan Valley, some kilometers north of Jericho, as I thought of the people who I was missing. Like many of my songs of the era, I imagined it as being a rock tune, a bit faster than midtempo, in the vein of the songs on Born in the USA. Never recorded or played for the public.

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