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Look at yourself

Do you like what you see

Are you proud of yourself

Of all these things you try to be

Well, shame on you

You’re trying to be everything else

Than what you really are

You’ve gone too far

Look at yourself

Oh, how you pity yourself

You feel guilty for other people’s sins

Is that really you in the mirror

Or just a travesty of what you’ve once been

You grovel on your feet

And lick everyone’s shoes

On your chest you beat

And you do all the things

That no one else would do

You’ve been fed all the lines

And now you think they’re all true

Don’t look now

You don’t know how

The whole world is laughing at you

You’ve lost your heart

You’ve sold your soul

You claim you’re the light of the world

But you’re just a black hole

Well, take a hard look now

And see how far away you’ve gone

You wave every flag

And march to every tune but your own

You walk away from the sun

And hide your face from the light

But you can’t really hide

‘Cause deep down inside

You know that I’m right

You’ve abandoned your past

You’ve broken all the rules

You’ve got nothing but contempt

For all the things you learned in school

You ran away from it all

Because you want to be free

But you ain’t free at all

‘Cause you’re a slave to your vanity

Well, you better wise up

Take off those John Lennon frames

Before your distorted vision

Will send us all up in flames

Look at yourself

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Look at yourself
Is that really you in the mirror / or just a travesty of what you’ve once been.

This song is directed at those Jews who go so far in their desire to repair the world that they deny their own identity. Written in 1987, during the second half of my army service in Israel. I borrowed the lyrics' prosody, aptly enough, from Bruce Springsteen's "Brilliant Disguise." Never recorded or performed.

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