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Hear that Fender echo across the room

Feel that guitar grind as the drums go boom

The band is getting so hot that the whole room is steaming

The whole city can get its power from the heat

Rock into the night from the earth to the moon

I get lost, in the music

I get lost, in the music

There’s another whole world between the power chords

And the beat

Once there was a nice Jewish girl in this town

Put a band together and really got around

She was on the way to becoming this country’s Great Pretender

To the throne of the new wave of rock’n’roll

But her star went supernova and then came crashing down

She got lost, in the music

She got lost, in the music

She couldn’t find her way out of the mess she made

Now she’s a lost soul

Young kid turns on the radio late at night

Hours after his mama turned out the light

Teacher’s gonna get mad ‘cause he didn’t do his homework

Mama’s gonna ground him ‘cause he didn’t do his chores

But when the music plays he feels all right

He’s lost, in the music

He’s lost, in the music

He finally found his route to escape

Away from his everyday bores

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Fender Whirly" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Hear that Fender echo across the room ...

I wrote this in the thick of my army service in 1986 or so, when I was thinking back to my earlier club gigging days from before I got drafted. The first two verses are scenes from those days. The first verse is a scene from the first REALITY SHOCK era ... before I discovered the Hammond organ, my first love in the world of electrified keyboard instruments was the Fender Rhodes piano, especially when run through a flanger effect. "My sound" with the first REALITY SHOCK band was based on that, and we played some kickass gigs with it. The second verse is about a certain singer who was popular on the Jerusalem scene ... but of course, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is strictly coincidental ;) The third verse goes back even further, to my days as a kid growing up in Long Beach, NY, when I would tune in to the music after I had ostensibly gone to bed. Musically, this is a cross between Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp," Lou Reed's "Vicious," and After the Fire's version of "Der Kommissar." Never recorded or performed.

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