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I’ve been wandering

Through all kinds of strange fields

In search of different kinds of love

I needed to see if what I felt was real

And I still don’t have an answer

Many sides of me remain unfulfilled

I need to know if there’s more to all this

Than just the search for thrills.

I’ve been wandering

In and out of all sorts of strange places

That I never imagined I’d be in

Many different people, so few faces

And I still don’t know what I’m expecting

These places never produce anything that lasts

Just when I think I have something in my hands

It slips away so fast.

I’ve been wandering

Ignoring the very things that matter most

In search of something I couldn’t try to name

In every godforsaken town along the coast

And I don’t know if I’ll ever find what I’m looking for

It’s so hard to be searching on my own

Lost in a remote corner of the universe

So far away from home.

I’ve been wandering

I’m so far away from home

I’ve been wandering

I just want to come back home

I’ve been wandering

Baby please let me come home.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
שדה הבולבוסים
Strange Fields (photo of the שדה הבולבוסים and Mount Zin in the Negev by Tomer Razabi)

One of my songs from the early 2000s, written in an introspective mood sometime before or during the High Holiday season. I always thought of people "wandering in strange fields" far from home as spiritual searchers who abandon their own people's traditions and seek fulfillment in others' ... I have observed that such people are never quite at home no matter where they search, or now matter how insistently they protest or proclaim that they have found their fulfillment in their newfound practices. Sometimes they make their way back to their real home; sometimes they bring what they picked up in the strange fields back home with them. Nothing is ever quite the same to them (or their loved ones) once they've ventured out, even when they do come back home.

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