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Lyric of the Week: LATE

Updated: Jun 14

She was late.

I hate to wait.

She’s never usually like this.

Making me wait, here in the rain

She never means anything by this.

She said she’d meet me here after work.

I got here as soon as I could.

I was fifteen minutes early.

But now it’s an hour after she said she would be here.

Where the hell is she?

I’m standing here in my stupid monkey suit.

Trying to look good for her.

I’ve got some supermarket flowers in my hand.

But the suit is wrinkled and the flowers are wilting.

What in the world could have happened?

Is she one of those people who can’t drive when it rains?

Did she get broadsided up there in the Valley?

Did she spin out in the canyons or hydroplane down La Cienega?

Or did she never get out of her alley?

Maybe she ran into an old boyfriend somewhere

and they got a cheap motel room on Cahuenga.

Or maybe an old girlfriend called as she was leaving

and she had a change of agenda.

Maybe she decided to go out shopping

for something she somehow couldn’t spare.

Or maybe she didn’t even leave the house

‘cause she couldn’t find something to wear.

Maybe one of her kids started some last-minute drama

that had to be resolved right away.

Or maybe she decided to get religion and not to keep doing

what we’ve been doing, starting today.

Well, what’s the use?

What could be her excuse?

Is it just lame, or legit?

But wait ... here she is.

With a whirl and a whiz

And she looks happy to see me.

Oh shit.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Late #7" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
But wait ... here she is. And she looks happy to see me.

I wrote the original lines that ultimately became this lyric during my second spell in Los Angeles, as I waited, sweating and impatient, for the woman I was seeing at the time to grace me with her presence. In situations like this, once an hour passed, I would usually begin concocting all sorts of drastic scenarios concerning the fate of the intended rendezvous. And just about all the time, they end up being unfounded ... but the look on her face when she would show up made me wonder if the type of devouring me alive she had in mind would be the good kind or the other kind (and I had experience with both, 'nuff said). No music for this one yet.


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