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Let your love light shine

Let your freak flag fly

Let it rock

I’m addicted to your love

Your love for me is a drug

Sweet honey in the rock

I’m down on my knees

I’m begging you please

Don’t stop the rock

Oh yeah, all right

Let’s not be petty tonight

This town’s gonna rock

Rock me steady, rock till you drop

Rock and roll over, rock around the clock

Rock through the night, rock away the day

Rock is dead, rock’n’roll is here to stay

Rock’n’roll is king, rock is our queen

Rock in a hard place, rock’n’roll machine

Rock the casbah, rock the nation

Rock’n’roll heaven, rock’n’roll all creation

Stand next to my fire

Quench my desire

Are you ready to rock

Shake your body, thrill my soul

Make me lose all control

Let there be rock

Trip the light fantastic

Sing the body electric

For those about to rock

Let’s talk about love, heaven above

Somebody to shove, lack thereof

Love me like a rock

Rock me steady …

Got to be movin’ on, travelin’ on

Keep on rollin’ on, ramblin’ on

Everybody rock

Spread your wings and fly, got to be free

‘Cuz there’s too many places we got to see

If you wanna rock

Free as the wind, free as a bird

Free is the spirit, free is the word

Free world’s gonna rock

Feast or famine, pleasure or pain

Chase a mystery girl on a mystery train

In the name of rock

Rock me steady …

Are you an angel fallen from grace

Or are you a devil who revels in disgrace

Do you wanna rock

Walk it like you talk it, got to be real

Cast off the fate of eternity’s wheel

You can’t stop rock

Two hearts beat as one, I wanna be with you

With all the changes you put me through

We were born to rock

So gimme some lovin’, some good good lovin’

Got to have your lovin’ your sweet tender lovin’

We’re really gonna rock

Rock me steady …

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"RnR Cliché #1" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Are you an angel fallen from grace, or are you a devil who revels in disgrace ... do you wanna rock?

Sometime in the mid-2000s, after hearing the expression "ever-changing world" and the "self/shelf" rhyme in one too many songs, I began collecting a list of common, overused expressions in rock and pop songs. I thought that eventually I would assemble them all into a song, but it became clear that they would require more than one song, because of the sheer number of them as well as the variety of rock/pop subgenres that these expressions are overused in. After sitting unfinished in one of my old notebooks for more than a decade, I did a little more research and collected more such expressions, and then created a whole four-part suite out of them ... itself a cliché. The first movement, presented here, is the overture, and opening salvo, in an upbeat, hard-rock mode; the second movement slows down to a power ballad, the third movement gets the blues, and the fourth movement visits the vaunted "Jersey Shore Rock'n'Roll" genre made popular by a particular "BS" artist, as well as his peers. See how many of these tropes you can spot. And keep in mind that the lyrics do not have to make sense.

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