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Well, we’re on the outside looking in

We wait on getting paid our wages of sin

We roll and we ramble, we lose when we gamble

But we weren’t born to lose, baby, we were born to win

We may be losers and gamblers but we’re tougher than the rest

We may be tramps and vamps but we’re up there with the best

We were born to rock, and we’re born to run

You were born to be my baby, so let’s ride into the sun

But there’s something in the night, a spirit in the night

There’s black magic in the night, that keeps us running from the light

The heat of the night, the heartbeat of the night

Will keep us in the night, and we’ll never see the light

Well, there’s a darkness deep inside tonight

There’s a hunger on the edge of town

We’re gonna take that long, long ride tonight

We’re gonna shake ‘em up and then shut ‘em down

We’ll walk these empty streets tonight

Drive down that lonesome highway all alone

We’ll rise above our defeat tonight

We’ll leave our transgressions unatoned

‘Cause there’s something in the night, a spirit in the night

Some kind of magic in the night, all through the night

And in the heat of the night, the heartbeat of the night

We’re gonna prove it all night, but we’ll never see the light

On the boulevard of shattered dreams and broken promises

The off-duty cops pull out all the stops and scatter the contacts being made

Faithless lovers light the spark, dance in the dark, and remain anonymous

Cut their ties that bind and put their commitments up for trade

Down by the river stands the old factory, long since shut down

31,000o ghosts haunt their abandoned posts, no work, no working, no more working life

A madman’s obsession with the death and depression brought to the old hometown

All sung by a wannabe gypsy troubadour without a day of work in his life

Well I’m on fire, my heart’s on fire, my soul’s on fire tonight

Well I set the fire, set my soul on fire, my heart breathes fire tonight

Well can you feel the fire, can you breathe the fire, can you carry the fire, into the night

Outside the street’s on fire, there’s machines and there’s fire, the angels’ hearts are on fire, through the night


Rock the drums, rock the vocals, rock the bass and guitars

Rock the three-part operas about pixies from Mars

Rock the sun, rock the planets, rock the moon and the stars

Rock the towns, rock the cities, rock the beaches and bars

Rock the counties and states, rock the countries and nations

Rock the schools and the colleges. Rock all education

Rock the temples and churches, rock all faiths and persuasions

Rock the sound of our youth, all over creation

Rock the records and tapes, rock the discs, files, and streamers

Rock the Lincolns and Cadillacs, rock the Benzes and Beamers

Rock the suits and the bigwigs, rock the shysters and schemers

Rock the poets and prophets, rock the seers and the dreamers

Rock the legacy artists, rock the latest sensations

Rock the TV channels, rock the radio stations

Rock the DJs and programmers, rock the heavy rotation

Rock the only sound that matters, all over creation

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Rocktropia #4f" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
The Jersey Shore Rock'n'Roll Extravaganza

The whole rock'n'roll cliché suite reaches its climax here in the fourth movement and its coda. The first movement was a big bombastic rock anthem, the second slowed down to an equally bombastic power ballad, the third briefly veered into the blues, and now the fourth is the big finish. Picture a show-of-shows at one of the classic Asbury Park venues, featuring all the biggest names and backed by a 16-piece rock'n'roll/r&b big band, with this tune being the grand finale (before the obligatory half dozen encores, itself a cliché). The lyrics are a pastiche of tropes glommed from all over the Jersey Shore rock'n'roll subgenre—of which I have been both fan and proponent since I was 12 years old in the summer of 1978. Whether you're a genuine acolyte who's still hanging on to every word or note played in this vaunted style, or if you're among the former devotees who have just seen and heard it all—this is for you in equal measure ("always leave 'em wanting more!") ... and the coda brings it all back home, in the name of rock'n'roll.


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