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We Run and They Run—אָנוּ רָצִים וְהֵם רָצִים

(Anyone who has ever completed the study of a Talmudic tractate will find this prosody familiar.)

We run and they run.

We run for cover.

They run to the rooftops.

We build and they build.

We build bomb shelters.

They build terror tunnels.

We hide and they hide.

We hide our families from falling bombs.

They hide their bombs behind their families.

We protect and they protect.

We protect our civilians with weapons.

They protect their weapons with civilians.

We shoot and they shoot.

We shoot at specific military targets.

They shoot specifically at civilians.

We crave and they crave.

We crave peace, quiet, and friendly relations with our neighbors.

They crave war, martyrdom, and elimination of their neighbors.

We love and they love.

We love life and value it above all else.

They love death and value it above all else.

We laugh and they laugh.

We laugh because it has historically helped us cope with adverse situations.

They laugh while they murder us, and they create the adverse situations.

"We march and they march" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Which would YOU want to be part of? Crowd or mob?

We march and they march.

We march to end hatred.

They march because they seethe with hatred.

We shout and they shout.

We shout praises to our Creator on high.

They shout that their false deity is greater than all others.

We believe and they believe.

We believe in the Truth.

They believe in the Big Lie.

As it is said, "we are believers, the children of believers, and we have no one to lean on, except our Father in heaven."

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