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Daily Lyric: REBEL ROCK

I’ve been beleaguered and battered beyond belief

And I don’t know where to go from here

I’ve been marooned and stranded with no relief

And I’ve got no way to cover up my fear

I’ve been backstabbed, cut down, torn to pieces, thrown out

And there’s little I can do to make it stop

Either lay down and let it burn, or stand up and let out a shout

Tell them all for once to shut up

Should I take the old man’s car

Should I smash my friend’s guitar

Should I burn down the house

Should I let myself be called a louse

Should I go out dressed really weird

Should I grow back my beard

Should I keep the volume up way past midnight

Should I bomb my old school in broad daylight

I’ve been used misused, abused, and confused

And I can’t help but be depressed

I’ve been fed bad news, washed down with the blues

And you know it’s really hard to digest

I’ve been brainwashed and interrogated to an awesome degree

And I’ve been given nothing but hell

I’ve been shot with questions, the answers all squeezed out of me

And now there’s great reason to rebel

Should I destroy the books of history

Should I try to leave the country

Should I leave behind the nest

Should I fly to avoid arrest

Should I spit in the face of forever

Should I start to wear black leather

Should I muscle in on the action

Should I try to get some satisfaction

Should I ride around the world

Should I go out and meet some girls

Should I stand up and take what’s coming

Should I shoot up to ease the numbing

Should I lock myself away

Should I flee the light of day

Should I cut what binds my hand

Should I front my own band

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Rebel Rock" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Should I spit in the face of forever / Should I start to wear black leather?

This was the continuation of my teen-angst anthem, "Depression." Whereas that song was an organ-driven, pseudo-prog dirge, this one is a faster, 6/8 blues-rocker. In the recording that I made of "Depression" back in late 1983, the dirge segues into the faster rhythm, which chugs along for several bars, but then it goes into its outro before any vocals have the chance to kick in. This was actually written after the recording, so it only existed in my mind all these years. It's probably safe to say that if I go ahead with re-recording "Depression" (as threatened), I will probably append "Rebel Rock" to it as envisioned. And maybe instead of a teen-angst anthem, it'll be a fiftysomething-angst anthem (yeah, we middle-aged, midlevel hacks get to have our angst attacks too) ... better an anachronistic, archaic rock recording than an affair and a sports car!

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