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I woke up this morning, picked up the phone

Dialed my baby’s number to see if she was home

Rang twenty times and my heart took a fall

No one was answering, no one home at all

Everything was right for so so long

Everything was right! something had to go wrong

Didn’t even dream that she’d be so loose

But when I went to see her, she vamoosed

I looked at home, I looked in town

I looked around and around and around

I looked over here, I looked over there

I looked for her just about everywhere

I looked all night, I looked all day

Looks like my baby’s gone away

Up in the sky or across the sea

Where can my baby be?

She just vanished in the air! now ain’t that weird

She did The Whistle and disappeared

When The Gang came out to play

She caught the Boardwalk Blues and ran away

I looked at home ...

I don’t know what to do, I think I’ll hire some private eye

Somebody with a gun, a professional spy

They found Patty Hearst, they found Yossele too

So they’ll find my girl, no matter where she flew

Oh where’s my baby, where’s my baby

My sweetheart’s run away from me

Oh where’s my baby, where’s my baby

Where can my baby be?

I looked at home ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

80s Relationship Songs mixtape
Classic assorted shice.

This one goes back to early 1986, when I was doing my army service but wasn't involved in any relationship on the "outside." I was busy writing a whole bunch of "relationship songs"; some were serious, about people I had been or wanted to be involved with, while others were "fun" and about no one in particular. This fell into the latter category. Musically, I based it on several tunes I had jammed on several years prior when the original Reality Shock band was still together. Never actually recorded or performed (or included in a mixtape, for that matter).

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